Bear Lake water quality – excellent!

Here is a report on June and July E. coli in Bear Lake beaches. Note that this is the old methodology that we have been using, and 300 colonies per 100ml sample is the threshold for unsafe swimming.  This measures live E. coli.  As Tom Reichard (DHD#10) notes, the new (qPCR) methodology results have not been reported from the Cadillac lab. This methodology is able to be much more sensitive since it measures dead E. coli DNA fragments. E. coli soon dies in well oxygenated water, like Bear Lake, but the qPCR analysis is still able to detect it.  BUT, this also means that a new standard needs to be created – and the US EPA is allowing Michigan to develop its own standard. For this year only Tom Reichard’s people are going to analyze 2 sets of samples – one with the old method and one with the new.  And this analysis can also tell the difference between humans and other species of warmblooded animals.

Bill Fronk, Chr. Bear Lake Watershed Alliance Water Quality Sub-Committee

Bear Lake Beach Monitoring – 2015

Geometric Means – E. coli Results

Location           June 8      6/22       7/6       7/20

Hopkins               12.8              2.3            2.3        3.7
Park Beach

South Shore        13.7              10.1            5.5       4.9

7th St. Beach       35.4               2.1            1.8        7.7

13 Mile Beach        2.7               2.3           1.0         1.8

Myers Rd.               1.6                1.0         10.7       38.6

Pleasanton Twp.   1.0                1.6         1.3            1.8
Park Beach

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