Thank you Bear Lake!

Friends of Bear Lake Township Fire Department

The request for additional millage to finance buying a replacement for #171 was approved tonight by voters!

On behalf of all your BLTFD First Responders and this Committee, thank you!

It’s worth noting that #171 did not go out to the Gleaners Hall fire because of its condition. Twice in recent weeks it has leaked oil and repairs may not be possible or fiscally responsible.

This Committee will be winding down and sending the unspent funds to Bear Lake Township.

To all those who contributed, again, thank you!

We’ll save you a seat at the Retirement Party (:

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2 thoughts on “Thank you Bear Lake!

    1. Thank you both! FOBLTFD appreciates that some voters are opposed to any additional taxes – but this one is more like a self insurance policy. One day it may be you dialing 911 and when minutes count, and you need 2 functioning fire vehicles to save everything you love in this world – be sure to thank those who voted yes today. But especially thank all those young men and women who roll up to your front door to operate the equipment. These are our neighbors and family and they deserve our support.

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