Township Supervisor asks for help to curb littering

In the most recent Bear Lake Bulletin, Bear Lake Township Supervisor Vern “Corkey” Best asked for your help to stop the illegal dumping and general misuse of the Township recycling service.

The recycling area, next to the Township Hall in Downtown Bear Lake, is operated on an honors system. A wide variety of items are accepted but people are asked to do some simple things to keep this are clean and tidy. There is a large display board which lists what goes where and what NOT to put in the bins.

If you put garbage in with recycling it effectively negates the whole load which then goes straight to the landfill!

The practice of dumping piles of garbage outside the dumpsters has to stop. It’s then up to good hearted folks to clean it up after you!

Following are 2 images from just recently. The person who did this was seen and the information turned over to local law enforcement for prosecution. Please, if you see this happening, take the registration number and call the Township at (231) 864-3620 and leave a message for the Clerk or Supervisor.

It is worth noting – that ALL of this mess was sorted by a responsible resident, the garbage bagged, and ALL this cardboard was flattened and there was ample space in the recycling bin for all of it.

This was just plain laziness and disregard for common courtesy.



Here is a list of the MANY items that can be recycled and a request to do so responsibly please.


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