World Book Night – Bear Lake Fire House Book Party!


Bear Lake Fire House World Book Night Party!!

“We are in trouble down here. There is blood in the dirt. We have made our call for help. Now we look to the sky….”

On April 23, 2013 Bear Lake, in Manistee County, will be a host site for World Book Night!

Selections from Michael Perry’s “Population 485” will be read by local people and copies of the book will be given to Bear Lake Township Fire Department First Responders in grateful appreciation of the irreplaceable gift they give to their home town community.

World Book Night U.S. is dedicated to spreading the love of reading, person to person.

On April 23, at 7pm at the Bear Lake Fire Hall (located on US31 Downtown Bear Lake)  you’re invited for popcorn, cookies, coffee and readings from Population 485 by Michael Perry.

Volunteer book givers are vital to World Book Night U.S. Last year on April 23rd, they personally handed out a total of half a million books in 5,800 towns and cities across the country! They became part of an international effort to celebrate reading on one special night by sharing their love of books within their communities.

Why is World Book Night important? Why does World Book Night exist?
Simply put, books are fun, books invite us to think – and they can be life-changing.

Population 485 is especially relevant to Bear Lake this year as a group of local people have banded together to raise both an appreciation for the selfless generosity of local First Responders and also funds to pay for a Special Millage Election aimed at replacing their aging 1978 fire truck.

“When these folks leave their homes, their families and jobs, at a moments notice, to come to our aid – they deserve a decent vehicle to get in to!,” says Friends Of Bear Lake Township Fire Department Chair Larry Gibson.

The FOBLTFD group formed just before Christmas and its purpose is to get information to Bear Lake Township residents about the age and condition of the current fleet of vehicles, support the Fire Chief’s schedule for upgrades, and help fund a Special Election on August 6.

“It’s important to note just how little this will actually cost the average property owner,” says Dendra Best FOBLTFD Treasurer. ” I looked at our Property Tax notice and did the math – I could rely on a new fire truck coming out to my home for just $23 a YEAR! Now THAT’s insurance!”

“For most of us it will amount to less than a cup of coffee a week” says Committee Secretary Nicole Sanderson, “look for yourself on our web site

“No one wants to hear the word ‘tax’,” says Vice Chair CG Schindler, “but this is just a way to say thank you to all our friends and neighbors who put themselves in harms way from the moment they get that turn out call. If you want to know what that really entails then please come and listen to these stories.”

Just what that turn out call can bring is the subject of Michael Perry’s first book “Population 485” – the true story about his return to his home town of New Auburn, WI, population 485, as a registered nurse and finds himself volunteering for the local fire department.

The sub title of the book is “meeting your neighbors one siren at a time” and relates the real stories, heartbreaking and hilarious of serving on a volunteer rural fire department.

“It could just as well be titled Bear Lake Michigan” says Bear Lake Fire Chief Sean Adams, “Like New Auburn we rely on the generosity of our neighbors and friends and it’s heart warming to see the support we’re getting. All of our First Responders are local people. We live and work here and we care about our neighbors. Having our community support new, updated equipment means a lot to us, and will definitely make our job much safer and more cost efficient. But ultimately, and what means more by far, is that we will be able to better serve our friends and neighbors to keep them safe – which is why we all signed up for this job in the first place!”

The author himself, Mike Perry, sent his personal congratulations and best wishes to the folks in Bear Lake so be sure to come out and be ready to laugh, cry and hear about real life experiences of working on a small town rural fire and EMS department.


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