Bear Lake Township Fire Department adds new public education service

Bear Lake Township, Michigan, Fire And Rescue DepartmentThere is much to be thankful for in our small northern Michigan community.

Chief among them is that 23 local people routinely stop whatever they’re doing, leave their families and jobs to answer the pager for a fire, an auto accident or a medical emergency. They always put this community, or even those just passing through, first. They truly deserve our support. Here is just a sample of their commitment to Bear Lake – the Fire Prevention Week 2011 Open House.

This is the first of many more public education videos. Enjoy!

Bear Lake Township Fire Department Fire Prevention Week

Sparkle In The Park 2011

The Seventh Annual Sparkle in the Park in the lakeside Hopkins Park, downtown Bear Lake will open on Saturday November 26!
Click here to see the full poster!

We also have postcards for sale to help support this event – Cards are available, $0.50 each or a variety pack of 10 at $4.00 from Pauline Jaquish, 7761 Potter Rd.,Bear Lake, MI 49614 add $1.50 if mailed, checks payable to Bear Lake Promoters.

The Bear Lake Promoters and the Bear Lake Village Council partner to bring another Christmas holiday lighting showcase for all to enjoy. There is no admission fee, however all donations are welcome from anyone who wishes to help support the event in 2011. Check out the YouTube video from 2010! You’ll find it listed in the post on this site from last year! Enjoy!
Mail to: Bear Lake Promoters,
P.O. Box 141, Bear Lake, MI 49614
“We all consider Sparkle in the Park Bear Lake’s gift to those who visit. It was so very rewarding to see the hundreds of cars drive through each night,” said Jaquish.

A Day To Remember ……..

11 11 11 – has special significance this year as once again we pause to honor all those men and women who have put on the uniform to protect all of us here at home and those in dire need abroad. Why? Because it was, and is, the right thing to do.

11 11 11 also is known as Remembrance  Day – marking the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month when the Armistice ended World War One in 1918. Over 9 million soldiers died during the 1914-18 ‘war to end all wars.’ And Bear Lake sent some of its own off to fight in the mud and misery.

Over 9 million soldiers lost their lives in World War One alone. You can learn more about the horrific state of ‘modern warfare’ at the Library of Congress web site:

The Great War was also one of the first that saw widespread volunteerism of women. An exhibit of Women In Uniform can be seen at:

For many families in our community the history of serving in the armed forces runs back through many generations and we thank you all.

And if you really care and would like to help those currently serving and surviving veterans and their families, do check out this article from Sunday’s Parade Magazine:

And please consider contributing to the Bear Lake Care Packages packed with loving pride and sent to those currently serving overseas. Help us send a little bit of northern Michigan to bring a smile to those serving many miles away!
See the details at