800 … and still counting!!

Care Packages for Our TroopsBear Lake Promoters are six boxes away from sending a total of 800 boxes since beginning the program.  Each box now costs $12.50 and is larger than it used to be.  They are very appreciated by our service people.  “We have gotten some very nice letters from the soldiers. They tend to get more things at Christmas so we spread our mailings out during the year.”

Contributions to help with postage can be made to: Bear Lake Promoters c/o Gloria Edwards, P.O. Box 224, Bear Lake, MI 49614

“My name is SSG Philip Sedlar, and I am currently in Afghanistan.  I am from that part of MI, born and raised.  I, as well as my platoon, greatly appreciate you sending care packages to all Military members that are deployed.  It is a great morale booster.  Especially to the ones that are in the middle of nowhere and do not have the facilities to just walk right in and get what they need or want.  My platoon received some care packages sent by you that I know, a lot of people in the area donated too.  I wanted to thank you and them once again and what you are doing, is indeed impacting the morale of the Military members that you send the care packages to.  THANKS!!!!!”


“Mrs. Edwards,

My name is Davon Thompson and I am  a Corporal in the Marine Corps. I have been in Afghanistan for a while now and really appreciate what you and Bear Lake Promoters due for myself and my fellow military folk.

Just a little about myself. I am 21 years old, I have a loving fiancé and daughter at home waiting for me. I am originally from Mississippi but am currently stationed in California. I have two sisters and one brother and a loving mother who are all back in Mississippi.

I really enjoy receiving your packages. It really helps us cope with the reality of being away from love ones especially during the Holiday seasons. Me and my fellow marines really love what you all do for us and hope you will continue to do it. Thank you.

Respectfully Signed,
Cpl Thompson, Davon J.
RCT 1 S-2
Intelligence Analyst”


Click here to see what items can be donated.

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