Update on Bear Lake Township recycling

Bear Lake Township now has a vastly expanded recycling service through Republic/Allied Waste. Bins are now in place at the Township Hall and are open 24/7.

PLEASE respect the hard work we have all put in on this – please don’t leave trash outside the bins, please don’t use the recycling bins for trash. If you see something smelly in there, please contact the Clerk.

Township regular Household Trash pick up is held on alternate Saturdays at the Temporary Transfer Station on 13 Mile Road.

To download a full list of dates for Household Trash and a list of items that can be recycled go to:


One thought on “Update on Bear Lake Township recycling

  1. If you have items that we can’t accept here at the Bear Lake Recycling Center these resources may be a solution:
    Prescription Drugs – except for controlled substances – see http://www.co.grand-traverse.mi.us/departments/resource_recovery/Take_It_Back____Recycle_Prgm_/Take_It_Back___Health/Take_It_Back__Health___Medication.htm

    For electronics see: TC E-Waste http://www.tcewaste.com – also Goodwill Industries will take most computer waste but not TV’s.

    Also see Traverse City’s Recycle Chicken – particularly for colored glass etc. http://www.recyclechicken.com/

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