Visit the now renovated Garden Theater Cinema Downtown Frankfort, MI

gardenNow Showing – The Garden Greats Series!

The Garden Theater has gone through extensive renovations including upgraded digital sound equipment, new seats, new state of art heating & cooling system and a complete restoration of the Art Deco interior.
Please Join us this summer for our new series, Garden Greats celebrating the best in film.
All tickets for Garden Greats $5.00 Start time 8 pm Thursdays. Special thanks to Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa for underwriting the inaugural Garden Greats film series: 8/13 – The Wrestler, 8/20 The Reader, 8/27 Gran Torino!

The Lights Are Back On At The Garden Theatre Frankfort!!

The Garden Theater located in downtown Frankfort Michigan was built in 1924 and from all accounts has been in continuous operation since that time.  In June of this year, The Garden was purchased by a group of community members in June of 2008 with the intent of renovating the building and giving life back to this Northern Michigan treasure.  The new ownership will continue to show first run movies and will also expand with independent films, foreign cinema and Saturday afternoon shows during the winter months.  Live theater and music could also be part of the future once improvements are made to the existing stage.

The Garden Theater LLC members have invested over $150,000 to upgrade the building and prepare for year round operation.  Future projects will include new seats(watch for the campaign), digital projection, concession area upgrades and many smaller projects too numerous to mention.

If you are interested in learning more about the future of The Garden or wishing to be part of the upcoming Seat Campaign please register on the “contact us” page of the website.
General comments or concerns can be sent to

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