Author Makes Sense in Bear Lake, MI!


ORDER ‘UNCOMMON SENSE’…..price is $9.43 plus the Governor or 10 Bucks….add $3.00 for shipping. Email order to

Recently introduced as the ‘2009 Pauline Jaquish Stimulus Package’, the book, “Uncommon Sense”, has been received very well, according to author Pauline Jaquish. “I have been overwhelmed at the response. I’ve been telling everyone that I am into my second printing… can do that when you just print 10 at a time!” 

Uncommon Sense is a short book with short stories that will tickle your funny bone. It is an ideal gift for anyone who needs something to give them a little break from the difficult times that touch us all.

What the readers are saying:

PJ…. If ANYONE could turn out a book like Pondering with PJ, it would have to be some nut like you!!! May your retirement fund grow….and when you get to be REALLY famous…don’t forget the small fry! JB, Big Rapids

PJ..I really enjoy your articles in the Manistee News Advocate….my aunt enjoys your articles too so I think your book would be a great birthday gift for her. SE, Manistee

PJ…Thank you for all the happy moments you bring to the lives of others. God Bless You. DR, Ludington

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