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A great day is almost here! Check out the video of our new fire truck under construction!

This video is about Bear Lake Township Fire Department – visiting the new fire engine in production at the Spartan, Charlotte MI, manufacturing and assembly facility.
The gentleman in the tan shirt is Andy from Spartan quality control. The gentleman in the black coat is Steve Buckner from Spencer, our sales rep.

The new engine will be transported to Spencer in South Haven shortly, after some revisions have been made to it after our first on site inspection.

We are anticipating a March delivery date and we will be making at least 2 more trips down to South Haven for more inspections.

Bear Lake Township Supervisor Vern ‘Corkey’ Best, Sean Adams BLTFD Fire Chief and Jeff Kamaloski BLTFD Lieutenant made the trip to the Spartan chassis production plant.

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This video was made in 2012 – so be sure to stop by and see how much we’ve added since then!

lighting competition in Bear Lake MIBEAR LAKE LIGHTING CONTESTS

Bear Lake area residents and businesses are encouraged to help make the 10th Anniversary of Sparkle in the Park even more special this year.

The Bear Lake Promoters are sponsoring lighting contests for residential and business categories.

Winners will receive Bear Lake Bucks that can be spent in most Bear Lake area businesses just in time for Christmas!

First place will win $50, second $25 and third $10.

To register your home or businesses for judging contact Pauline Jaquish at 231-342-7285 or email at pj646@centurytel.net

Deadline for registration will be Sunday, Nov. 30 with judging on Monday, Dec. 1.


“Every now and then, usually when he is treating the dog for ticks or using a garden product, Singer will smell something that triggers an Agent Orange flashback.

“I think a lot of people understand that the chemicals in our foods and what’s become of water and air is killing us all,” he said.”

The story of the roughly 2.8 million Americans in Vietnam who were exposed to Agent Orange is covered in heartbreaking detail in this Harrisburg Patriot-News feature.

If you know any Vietnam Veteran show them this web site, particularly if they have health issues. They may not know, even now, that their health problems may be due to exposure and that they may be entitled to VA help. This also applies to Brown and Blue Navy personnel – but Blue Navy must be able to provide proof of their proximity to shore.

Bookmark this web site: http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/conditions/

And if you need help getting into the VA system, check out the Order of the Purple Heart organization. http://www.purpleheart.org/ServiceProgram/

If you care about knowing what is being done by your local government, say thank you to Janene Gee (Trustee), Margaret Bass (Trustee), successful candidates for new positions on Village of Bear Lake Council.

We believe in open government and full disclosure to Village residents and we will ask for your opinions and input.

Thank you: Margaret Bass and Janene Gee,

Remember the Village of Bear Lake Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month.


A while back we posted photos about how NOT to leave garbage and recycling at the Bear Lake station (located next to the Township Hall)

Here is a reminder about what you can recycle. Feel free to download and print for your future reference? And please remember this is a public service – let’s all do our part to keep it clean and make this work for everyone!


The new film is part of the AT&T’s It Can Wait® campaign to help drive awareness of the dangers of texting while driving, encourage people to pledge not to text and drive, and enable those who have made a personal commitment to influence others.

Every story in the film is punctuated by a narrator pointing out that the shattering losses could have been avoided by simply never picking up the phone.

“I have learned that to be a valuable member of society you have to give back more than you take,” says one driver whose texting resulted in two deaths. “I will never be able to give back more than the lives I took by texting and driving.”

IMG_0168Recently we posted a photo of abuse of the Bear Lake Township Recycling service.

You can find the full story listed here.

But the question is often asked – why bother to recycle anyway?

Take a look at this video – wouldn’t you rather see this than the floating acres of debris currently circling the middle of our oceans?

Originally posted on Bear Lake Township in Manistee County, MI 49614:

You are invited to Bear Lake Township Public Input Meeting

To discuss our Recreation Plan

Wednesday, December 10th., 7 PM at the Township Hall, 7771 Lake Street, Bear Lake, MI 49614. Tel: 231 864 3620.

See you there!


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Originally posted on Bear Lake Township in Manistee County, MI 49614:


Bear Lake Township, 7771 Lake Street, Bear Lake, MI 49614

The Bear Lake Township Board of Review for December 2014 will be held at the Bear Lake Township Hall, 7771 Lake Street, Bear Lake, MI.

Date: December 9 2014
Time: 12 p.m. (Noon)

American With Disabilities (ADA) Notice
The Township will provide necessary reasonable services to individuals with disabilities at Board of Review meetings upon 7 days notice.
Contact: Deanna Pattison, Clerk, 7771 Lake St., Bear Lake, MI. 231-864-3620 EXT. 10
Board of Review Members : Gary McBride – Chair, Prentiss Ware, Jr., Joann Krus.

Vern L. Best – Supervisor, Secretary of Board of Review


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Big Box boring?

If you want to see a smiling face AND support our community – shop Downtown Bear Lake on Saturday 11/29 and stay for Sparkle In The Park!

Originally posted on Michigan in Pictures:

Summer ... bye bye

Summer … bye bye, photo by Ken Scott

Probably the best thing I’ve heard about “Summer 2014″ being over is that it really wasn’t much of one anyway.

I hope everyone enjoys their last weekend of summer, and that we have a warm & long fall!

View Ken’s photo bigger, see more in his massive Sleeping Bear Dunes slideshow and definitely follow him on Facebook.

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